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We are often asked how did we start Whisky on tour, well the easy answer is we did not start whisky on tour, whisky on tour was started by our first ever Weimaraner, Kobi was his name one day we went out to take some pictures of Kobi at Loch More on the way out the house I picked up a bottle of Old Pulteney thinking it might be a good subject for some pics , we took some pics of the bottle in Loch More and in front of an old tractor, when we got home we posted them to our Facebook page, where the results were amazing with loads of comments, people telling us to frame them etc etc. Well we got a few framed and it just took off from there, we did an online interview with Macleans whisky tours, who asked us to supply them with pictures to promote whisky tours in Scotland . And from there it has gone from strength to strength with people seeing our staves in places and then asking if they could stock them as well, we now supply staves to various outlets from Orkney to Craigellachie cooperages in Speyside,  so all this started from walking Kobi at Loch More to meeting fantastic people in the whisky world we are now even supplying the NC500 with some of our products . So we owe everything to the late Kobi god bless him.

Picture taken that first day of Kobi testing the water.  

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